Monday, October 21, 2013

How I Organize Ninja's Stuff

Hey guys!! I know that I haven't posted on here in a while- and I REALLY need to be better about that. Any post suggestions? So today I will just be showing you how I organize Ninja's things. If you didn't know, Ninja is an outside cat so all of his stuff is in the garage. Here we go!!!

This little booger wanted to be in the post
So here is an overview of the "pets cubby". This is where we store all of shadow and ninja's stuff, that they aren't allowed to have access to.

On the side, on a hook, we have three leashes.
On these two shelves, first of all on the far left we have dog treats. Then we have a box that has medicine for shadow, like flea and tick medicine. And on the far left are ninja's FOUR bags of treats. On the next shelf in a little box/bucket I have all of ninja's toys/ clothes and shadow's brush. Then we have ninja's brush (which we also use on shadow), a scoop for the litter box, an old food and water bowl, ninja's flea and tick spray, ninja's shampoo (we give him a bath like once a year lol- and we skipped this year), and then the cup we use for scooping food. 

On the left side of the bottom I have shadow's food

And then we have ninja's meow mix. This huge bag has a ziploc closer kind of thing that helps keep the food fresh, so we just refill it.

And under the cubby I have two little bags of meow mix to refill the big bag.

Now let's move onto the other side of the garage- to the stuff that ninja has access to.

On top of this card board box we have three aloe Vera plants, that ninja likes, and  my old booster seat that ninja likes to lay on when it's sunny.

Under the box we have his litter box and scratching post.

Then ontop of this dresser we have this cushion that ninja sleeps on.

And beside it we have a cardboard box lid that has his food and water.

This adorable little Ninja sign my friend made.

Ninja's water bowl is from eBay

His food bowl is from Walmart 

And beside it there is this little cage that sometimes poor FLUFFLES has to go in.

 The reason his food is high up is because shadow will otherwise eat it

Thanks for letting me ramble-

               P.s. I hope you appreciate this post, as I worked very hard on it.
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