The Squad

Betsy- me! I'm sorta the head of this blog- since I started it-  although I LOVE MY AUTHORS will all my heart and don't know what I would do without it. I'm girly girl, I enjoy: singing Taylor Swift, singing love songs to my Savior, reading, FINISHING homework, playing with Ninja, making up songs about Ninja, acting, competitive swimming, and clothes.

Ninja- the famous cat you will be hearing about so much in my posts. He is the sweetest cat I could ever ask for. You will hear me refer to him in many different names, such as, puffball, cutie patootie, and MANY others.

Brittney- Hello there! My name is Brittney I am a fourteen year old girl with a love for Jesus, my family, and my pets! If I could describe myself it in a few words they would be- crazy, outgoing, and full of imagination! I have three pets- two dogs and a cat! My interests are: writing, reading,  hanging out with friends, and I love basket-ball! I want to thank Betsy for letting me contribute to this blog! I am sure that I will enjoy it! Have a great day!

Makayla-  loves animals, including cats, and loves contributing to Cat Care. I also love my Savior and love my family. I'm gonna thank Betsy for letting me contribute to cat care :) See ya in the posts!!!!!!


Thanks so much for commenting, I love seeing them.

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