Monday, August 19, 2013

Ninja's Birthday- and no I have not dropped off the face of the earth...

As I sit down to type this- I realize that it has been MONTHS since I last posted. And I don't even expect y'all to read or comment on this. But Ninja is turning 2 on Thursday! So ya know kind of a big deal. And yes, of course I am going to have a party. This time the only guest will be me, my mom, my brother Chip, Shadow (my dog), and my baby nephew Jonathan (he is spending the next week with us). But today my mom and I went to party city to get some plates for this thing and while I was there I bought some things for his party. For forty cents I got him an adorable little green lei that I will wrap around him twice. And then for a dollar I got a mini pink sparkly fedora that has a string so I can tie it on him. And then streamers/crepe was 89 cents so I got four rolls, but of course I won't use it all for Ninja. I love streamers so I will save some for other crafts. But for his presents I got him A cute little collar that has bells on it from walmart, and then this little mouse toy also from walmart, and then these mouse toys that have a bell and is a ball and has a string. also from walmart. I know probably like no one reads this anymore since we haven't posted in a while but that's ok:)

Thanks for letting me ramble-
Betsy Chambers

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  1. Wow, Ninja is going to have an awesome birthday. You are a great mom. I have missed you.


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